What songs takes you back to some earlier time in your life? In the Bible, David was a shepherd, warrior, and king – as well as a poet and musician. So when life got crazy, he didn’t write a journal he wrote a song. Now, we can look back at his life through the Playlist that he left behind. As we learn from his life through the songs he wrote, we learn about rocking out to the playlist of our own. Join us for four weeks after Easter, and discover much more than just the life of King David – find your new Playlist jam!
Week 1, April 8: Singing my life with his words. (Psalm 23 & 24)
Week 2, April 15: What doesn’t kill you. (Psalm 57)
Week 3, April 22: Is it too late to say I’m sorry? (Psalm 51)
Week 4, April 29: I’m on top of the world! (Psalm 139)