Easter: Hope is Rising
Easter is about HOPE. Our church family warmly welcomes you to join us for a special Easter Sunday at LifeCity! Our Easter Sunday will include:
– A friendly team of volunteers to welcome you, and help you feel at home.
– A casual, down-to-earth environment with coffee and pastries to get you started – our treat!
Powerful, upbeat live music that will actually make you feel excited to be at church!
A relevant, practical message that will leave you feeling closer to God, and full of hope.
– An amazing separate environment for children that is fun, clean, and safe – kids LOVE KidsTown!
– Guest artist, Kodey Bell, joins us from San Diego to perform a live performance painting that will inspire you.
To find out more about who and what will be at LifeCity this Easter, click here.
Still got questions? Email us at hello@lifecitynow.org, or check out our ABOUT page to see more of what to expect!
Looking for the Community Easter Egg Hunt?

So bring your family and loved ones! Bring some friends, or make a few new ones as we gather Sunday, April 1, 10:30am – see you there!

Resources for inviting your friends and loved ones:
1. Facebook Event – Click to see our Facebook event, RSVP, share, and invite others to join us!
2. Facebook Cover Pic – Click to download our cover pic formatted for Facebook, and let everyone who sees your profile know you’re going!
3. Instagram Pic – Here is a similar image as the Facebook cover pic, but formatted for Instagram.
4. YouTube video – Click to see and share our promo video on YouTube! Subscribe to our channel while you’re there.
5. Invite Cards – Want a more personal way to invite your friends? Pick up some invite cards from our office or at our Sunday gatherings before Easter!
6. Yard Signs – Like our Invite cards, we also have yard signs you can place in your lawn or other appropriate location. Signs are at the church office or available at a Sunday morning.
7. Get CREATIVE! Face-to-face invites. Other social media tools. Being nice to a stranger and then inviting them. WHATEVER! Come up with a good idea, and make a difference.