(Pictures/videos of office at bottom of this page)
After 4 1/2 years of doing ministry out of Pastor John’s home, we’re pleased to announce that we have located a great new space for our church offices to be located! Beginning March 1st, we will move our day-to-day ministry operations to an 850 sqft. office suite in Santa Clara on Scott Blvd just north of El Camino Real. This move will provide much overdue workspace for our pastor and staff, room to train ministry leaders, hold important meetings, counseling, and be in position to do all that God wants to do in us and through us in 2018 and beyond. There’s room for growth as we eventually add more staff, develop our future internship/leadership residency program, and offer courses for further in-depth learning. 
While March 1st is the day we get the keys, we have much to do to improve the space into an environment that represents Jesus and LifeCity Church with pride. There will be a work day March 3rd for volunteers to come help us paint, decorate, assemble furniture, and more.
We hope to have a formal “open house” tour/party after our normal Sunday worship experience on Sunday, March 11th.Stay tuned for more details!
This move into these offices also represent a step of faith that we have anticipated making since we launched in 2013. We are trusting God to provide for the additional expenses of opening, renting, and running an office, while still faithfully paying all our staff, supporting and increasing our missions support to other ministries, and holding our Sunday worship gatherings. God has grown our church! And as our generosity grows, we believe God will continue to do abundantly more through us. We’re praying for an increase in $60k of giving this year to accommodate all of these areas of growth, including the addition of our new office space.
If you’d like to make a donation or setup online giving to help us reach these goals, you can do so down below.
You can also help us by purchasing items from our office “wishlists” at
Amazon Smile for office supplies, and
IKEA for furniture items.

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